Dear Mount Burnettisi,

What a busy week that was for Mount Burnett!  We had the good news that our friends at CAASTRO will be donating 100 replicas of Galileo’s telescope (small refractors worth ~$5 each)  for us to use in the World Record Stargazing attempt on August 21st. Young Observers if you want to take part then let me know so I can reserve one of the telescopes!

On Friday Jacinta from Telescopes in Schools visited Emerald Secondary College to set up a large Celestron GoTo telescope for the the school to use over the next few years. MBO will be providing expert guidance as the school begins its astronomical journey.

Finally on Saturday MBO outreach (including some new members) set up at the Belgrave lantern parade. We had ~250 visitors put their eyes to eyepieces which is our biggest single event yet (there are some photos on our Facebook page). As I chatted with visitors it was obvious how much higher our profile is now than last year. Many people had visited already with heir school or scout troop. I heard less of the “I had no idea there was an observatory here” and more of the “we had a wonderful time when we visited”. And to cap it all off we had the Moon, Jupiter and Venus doing their little dance in the western sky. To those of you who took part in our activities this week thank you and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.