8pm Friday we have one of our newer members, Jacquie Milner, giving “An Introduction to Observing Occultations”.

It will cover what occultations are, what information can be gained by observing them and how they are observed and reported today. It is no longer as simple as having a shortwave radio and a tape recorder (remember them?) but neither has it become that difficult! We now use video cameras and video time inserters using GPS time signals to get millisecond accuracy in timing, and work closely with various professional astronomers from around the globe to get them data as event opportunities occur. You could almost think of it as an international team sport that you can play along with from your backyard. Find out how you can get involved with this relatively new branch of astronomy and maybe even make a discovery!

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Following the discussions and supper there will be viewing through the MBO telescopes (weather permitting).

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