This Friday, 26th Feb, at 8pm we have Barry Clark, the director of the ASV Outdoor Lighting Improvement Section talking about Dealing With Artificial Skyglow:

Before electric lighting, the actual night sky luminance was about 0.3 mcd/m2.  It is now common for cities to have urban artificial skyglow that is a hundred or more times brighter.  This can be a great handicap for most amateur astronomers.  Substantial reductions are possible in skyglow without affecting mobility, security and traffic safety but the means of doing so are often strongly opposed by commercial interests.  Improvements will require a much more vocal campaign than has so far been the case, and if they take place at all it will not happen quickly.

Observations of some objects, particularly gaseous and planetary nebulae, through filters that transmit light from the object and reject much of the skyglow can improve the image contrast.  Unfortunately, the filters sometimes darken the image so much that visibility may still remain low.  In these cases, modern image intensifiers can help greatly.  Examples of the improvements possible may be demonstrated if the sky is clear.

Following the talk and supper there will be viewing through the MBO telescopes (weather permitting).

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