8pm Friday 22nd July we’ll be having an astrophotography night, focusing (ahem) on gathering images for our collaboration with the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum.

This Friday night will be Astrophotography Night. All members who have entries for the Yarra Ranges Exhibit are encouraged to bring them along and share them with the group. Advice will be given on requirements for entry (file formats, filling in the entry form and so forth).  If you haven’t taken your photo yet then come along and be inspired.  There is still time as entries have to be in to MBO on August the 8th.  If you have a sketch or a movie, bring those along too!
Shutters open at 8pm. A telegenic supper will be served and if the night is clear we will be out adding to the collected images.

If you have a telescope and would like to know how to use it, or alternatively, would like to show it off to us, please bring it along!

Members’ Night is on every Friday night commencing at 8PM (doors open 7:30PM). Guests of members are always welcome.

Please consider the neighbours and drive in and out quietly using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.

Please note: MBO will always be closed on days of Severe, Extreme and Code Red fire ratings, please see the CFA website for up-to-date information.

For weather information please see our useful links.