After all the clear nights we’ve had recently it would start to cloud up for us on a meeting night!  But the Young Observers persisted and both groups got to view the Moon.  The earlier Novae group viewed it with the Sun still up but the later Supernovae group had to view it through a light layer of haze.  Still, it was good to get the scopes out and pointed skyward.  We welcomed some new members along as the younger Novae group also watched videos of the new James Webb Space Telescope being built and the Huygens lander reaching Titan in 2005, while the older Novae group caught up with the news from the Juno mission at Jupiter, Cassini at Saturn and remembered astronomer Vera Rubin and astronaut Gene Cernan, who both passed away during the break.  We looked at how to use a planisphere, something which will be ongoing, and used Stellarium to locate some of the bright stars in the sky at the moment, since the cloud had become too thick outside.  After all that, and the food and Moon observing, it was time to head home.