8pm Friday 28th April we have Adam Deller from Swinburne talking to us about “Wandering through the Milky Way with Radio Astronomy”!

If our eyes were sensitive to radio waves, the night sky (and the day sky!) would be a very different sight.  But what exactly would we be seeing, and why would those sources be pumping out powerful radio waves?  In this talk, I’ll take a tour through the Galaxy looking at the origin of the radio emission we see.  I’ll also take a look at what happens to the radio emission on its way to us at the Earth, and use to introduce one of my long-standing research topics: mapping the warm gas component of the Milky Way.

Adam Deller is a research astronomer, ARC Future Fellow and senior lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology.  His research focuses on observational radio astronomy, including neutron stars, black holes, and fast radio bursts (FRBs).

If you have an interest in radio astronomy the MBO Radio Astronomy Group (RAG) will be meeting at 10am this Sunday 21st May.

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