8pm Friday 22nd September we have Dr. Michael Murphy of Swinburne University of Technology as our guest speaker.  He will be talking to us about “The Secrets of Quasars”:

Spectra of quasars, particularly the absorption lines imprinted on them by very distant galaxies between the quasars and Earth, are crucial to the understanding of our Universe. A surprisingly large amount can be learned about our Universe with this spectral technique. A novel application of this research is to measure the fundamental constants of nature in the distant, early Universe. We can also learn about how galaxies form and evolve, and how the gas around galaxies – the circumgalactic medium and intergalactic medium – ‘feeds’ galaxies throughout most of the Universe’s 14 billion year history.

Dr Michael Murphy is a Professor at Swinburne University of Technology in the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing. He is an observational astrophysicist studying various aspects of cosmology, the Universe’s properties and evolution on the largest possible scales.This Friday, Michael will be visiting Mount Burnett Observatory providing a fascinating talk on his research on quasars and spectroscopy.

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