The Deep-Sky Programme is a special night of astronomical observing for anybody interested in our brilliant Cosmos. We encourage anyone and everyone to visit the observatory on a Saturday evening with us to experience the wonders of the universe through the eyes of a telescope. Astronomical objects such as distant galaxies, gargantuan globular clusters and exquisite nebulae are just a few items on our special lists. Session times are dynamic due to the universal position of the earth about our sun. Attendees are more than welcome to bring along a telescope of their own or use the Dobsonian telescopes Mount Burnett Observatory has to offer.

On every Deep-Sky night, the usual suspects unearth the great Borg Dobsonian telescope for everyone to conduct extraordinary viewing. Observing commences as soon as the night turns dark, allowing distant, faint objects to become accessible.

Complementary to the Deep-Sky Programme, we run Astrophotography sessions for those who want to capture an image of the objects they see. Perhaps objects such as the Great Orion Nebula, Omega Centauri, and the Sombrero Galaxy are inspirational selections for a new mantelpiece substitute. Astrophotography operates at different levels based upon requisite technologies and experience. However, do not be discouraged as even a mobile phone can capture the stunning essence of the Moon through a telescope.

Neil Creek, our maestro of Astrophotography, will be more than happy to provide examples or assistance with photographing the Cosmos. Neil can provide supplementary information on available equipment and software to enrich your photographic endeavours.

All dates scheduled are advertised on the official Mount Burnett Observatory website and the weekly e-mail.

If you would like more information, please e-mail:

Finally, inclement weather conditions may come unexpectedly around the time of a scheduled night. The Deep-Sky team will distribute an e-mail close to the date for information on the programme concerning the conditions of the weather and the time of commencement.

Lachlan Wiltshire and I look forward to seeing you join in on the grand experience with the Deep-Sky crew.

Remaining Dates (as advised so far):


Important: We ask kindly that only red light is used whilst on the observing field and that vehicles are parked along the fence in the driveway,  facing north towards the exit.

Thank you all sincerely,
Braeden Borg
Deep-Sky Coordinator

Please note: MBO will always be closed on days of Severe, Extreme and Code Red fire ratings, please see the CFA website for up-to-date information.

For weather information please see our useful links.