There has been a late change to our program for this coming Friday. It was to have been Jacquie Milner talking about Space Weather, but that talk will now take place Friday 23rd Feb.

8pm Friday 16th February we have Terry Moon, one of the original students to have completed his PhD at Monash and MBO, and now a member of our association, is here this week with Steve Fleming of Latrobe Uni doing science (yes, that’s right, science) on our 18″ telescope in the dome.  He will be giving an impromptu talk (allowing many questions) at MBO before going back into the dome to continue gathering research data for a project I’m sure he will describe during the talk.

Terry Moon (Tex) was awarded his BSc (Hons) from Monash University in 1975, MSc from the University of Melbourne in 1979 and PhD from Monash University in 1984. In 1975 and 1976 he worked in the Infrared Astronomy group at Melbourne University. From 1978 to 1980 Tex worked in Solar Energy technology at University of Sydney. During 1984 and 1985 he undertook postdoctoral work in Astronomy at University College London. In 1986 Tex joined the Defence Science & Technology Organisation and enjoyed a 30-year Defence Science career spanning electro-optical, infrared and radar technologies, operations research, systems engineering, complexity and network science and food science retiring in January 2016.

Since late-2002 Tex has been undertaking ‘backyard astronomy’ with a focus on photoelectric measurements of variable stars. His earlier research included measurement of southern semi-regular variables (red giants) from his home observatory, first in Adelaide, then Georgetown, South Australia and now Scottsdale, Tasmania. A secondary interest was the measurement and analysis of bright eclipsing binary systems. Recently, Tex’s interests have switched to citizen astronomy with a particular focus on development of low-cost photometry using CMOS sensors. His current research interest is symbiotic stars, a rare type of variable thought to be the progenitor of Type Ia supernovae.

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