8pm Friday 23rd February we have our own Jacquie Milner giving a beginners talk introduction called “Space Weather: Part 1- the Solar Cycle”.

Our second attempt to get Beginner’s Nights kicked off for 2018 will be to take a look at the Sun and its cyclical activity. Besides sunshine it spits other types of electromagnetic energy at us at times, some benign and some more troublesome. Down here on the surface of the Earth, protected by the atmosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field, we don’t notice it so much, but if we are to become a spacefaring race this kind of knowledge becomes much more vital. Come along and learn about the solar cycle, sun spots, coronal holes, solar flares and coronal mass ejections.

Members’ Night is on every Friday night commencing at 8PM sharp (doors open 7:30PM). Guests of members are always welcome.

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