MBO Radio Jove daily graph

Next meeting:  Sunday 14th October 10am

Last week we started seeing really strange interference, and last Friday with  some experimentation we narrowed it down to what appears to be a cable issue so we will try and resolve that at the next RAG meeting.

Chris is away in the UK for family reasons so there will be just the one meeting this month, 10am Sunday 14th October.  We will try and address the above mentioned interference.  Ray also has a calibration tool for the Radio Jove receivers and so we will attempt to correctly calibrate them as well.

RAG now has its own web server running with live audio streaming from its Radio Jove receiver and graphs of data updated every 5 minutes.


MBO Radio Jove daily graph

As ever if you would like to be involved in RAG please drop an email to:


All the best!