Do you have great photographs of Mount Burnett Observatory (MBO), or astrophotography taken at MBO or at an MBO event?   Would you like to help raise money for MBO?  Now you can!

As you may know we’ve now launched our online shop for MBO merchandise on Redbubble with all profits going directly to MBO.  But we always would like need more photos and artwork to sell on the shop.

To contribute your image please contact the MBO webmaster at to work out the best way to get the original image to him.

Legal Bits

For MBO to be able to use your images we need your permission, and that’s done through a simple form that gives MBO the right to use them without altering your ownership or rights to use them elsewhere. You just need to download this form, fill it out (once per image) and then scan or photograph it and email it to the MBO secretary with a courtesy copy to the MBO webmaster at

There’s also an issue with images of people which would allow them to be recognised; if they are to be used for commercial purposes (as here) then they need to have signed a “model release form” to permit such use. An example form is available from the Australian Institute of  Professional Photography here:

Technical Bits

In terms of the image the rule is the bigger the better!  The first photographs we uploaded were taken with an 8 megapixel camera and even they were not large enough for all products.  But no matter what the size we’ll test it out and see what the Redbubble website thinks it will work on.  It’s always best to submit the original image file, unless there is a real need to crop out elements prior to sending.