Diversity at MBO

I would like to share some important and exciting news with you. MBO is piloting a diversity toolkit from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). This toolkit is a comprehensive resource guide about actively promoting and developing a framework for diversity and inclusion. Although aimed at small and medium science and technology businesses, there is a wealth of information applicable to MBO. There are useful templates about developing diversity, inclusion and discrimination and harassment policies. There are suggestions for fostering a positive culture, increasing accessibility and leading by example. The toolkit has resources on developing a reconciliation action plan, mentoring and establishing a complaints process. ATSE was keen for MBO to pilot the diversity toolkit. We will provide valuable feedback as a volunteer lead organisation. ATSE will also assist MBO to implement diverse and accessible policies and strategies. This toolkit and the assistance ATSE is going to provide will be a huge asset to MBO. Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is linked to increased productivity and performance, engagement and retention. As a committee member, I am very pleased to see the latest new members list. I am sure the new members represents a diverse range of backgrounds. MBO’s culture is to welcome all people, no matter what your background, gender identity or sexual orientation is. I believe that MBO can truly lead the way at being the most diverse and welcoming astronomical society in Australia. I look forward to meeting the new members either in person or online. If you want to get involved in implementing the ATSE toolkit, please contact me at s.hunter@committee.mtburnettobservatory.org or join the discussion below. Saskia Hunter, committee member


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