This Fridays’ Members’ Night will see Barry Cleland running an interactive Q & A to try to answer some of the following deep questions:

  • What is a gaseous nebula and how are star formed. Give examples.
  • Open Star Clusters – What are they. Give examples.
  • Lives of Stars from birth to death and how this depends on the mass of the star at its birth.
  • Globular  Clusters – What are they. Give examples.
  • Galaxies – different types. Give examples.
  • Planets – different types. 
  • Habitable zones
  • Extrasolar planets

Following the Q & A there will be supper, and weather permitting, sky observing through our telescopes. Please consider the neighbours and drive in using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.

Members’ Night is on every Friday commencing at 8PM.  Visitors are always welcome.