Saturday 3rd August 2019 – Young Observers

A damp start to the evening turned into a wet night so we weren’t able to get any telescopes out this month. Instead we learnt about Voyager 2’s flyby of Neptune, as it will the 30th anniversary of that on the 25th of August, and it was also launched during August 1977. We also took a look at where it is now, pushing through the heliopause of the solar system. Can you name at least three facts about Triton, Neptune’s largest moon? The younger Novae group can.

The older Supernovae group also took a side meander through the sounds of the stars, learning a little about the study of asteroseismology. Similar to the study of earthquakes, by studying how pressure waves travel around and through stars we can get a glimpse of their internal workings. The rings of Neptune, current and future, also brought up the topic of Roche limits, so that might be a future lesson as well.