Our winter solstice (Friday June 21st) meeting features a talk by

Jim Katsifolis entitled:

“Amateur Astrophotography in the Suburbs – Telescopes, Webcams and Planets”

Summary: Imaging celestial objects from the suburbs offers many challenges, none more so than light pollution and atmospheric turbulence. Some of the most accessible objects under these conditions are the planets. Whilst the webcam has become a popular gadget with personal computers, it is also a relatively cheap but powerful tool for the amateur astronomer to produce amazing planetary images even in less favourable skies. In this talk I will share my experiences with webcam planetary imaging over the last 8 years, focusing on some of the techniques used, lessons learned and importance of image processing. Some real examples on how to use Registax will also be included.

Presenter: Jim Katsifolis has an electronic engineering background and currently works in the field of fibre optic sensing by day where he manages an R&D team. He is a member of the ASV and a very keen amateur astronomer who has been observing the Melbourne night skies for the past 20 years. In the past 10 years Jim has spent most of his observing time imaging the planets, Moon, Sun and more recently some deep sky objects from his backyard with an 8″ Meade SCT. His retirement dream is to settle in the vicinity of a dark sky site near a beach, sleep all day and spend the nights observing the heavens from his yet to be built custom observatory!

As always Members night begins at 8pm with visitors welcome.