S.O.S. to all M.B.O. members.  We have got lots of things to get completed and in ensuring the maintenance of the property and buildings are up kept.  Our goals are listed below:

Outside works:

  • Clean up the grounds i.e. removal of rubbish and wombat packages.
  • Level out the dirt mound behind the back of the chook shed.
  • Put up bollards around that traffic areas that are becoming damaged due to weather. i.e. Car park areas, etc.
  • Clear out the Shed and re-organise it.
  • Mow.
  • Whippersnip the dam wall.

Inside works:

  • Clean up cabin.
    • Neaten wiring.
    • Sweep.
    • Mop.
    • Move furniture around or out.
    • Spouting and guttering repairs.
  • Continue works in Celestron Dome.
    • Sealing outside.
    • Final painting of the flooring.
    • Dome rotation works.
    • Computer Guiding.
  • Continue works in the Monash Dome.
    • Jacquie to advise on works.
    • Cat 6 cable installation to the computer from downstairs to upstairs.
    • Clean up of work bench area.
  • Continue works in the Chook Shed.
    • Replace rubber seals.
    • Rust removal.
    • Finalise the trolley for the 18″ “Borg”.
    • Desk finalise.

As a thank you, there will also be a BBQ for all volunteers.

Please let Ray or Anthony know if you can attend or email secretary@mtburnettobservatory.org.

Kind Regards
Anthony Ferriere
MBO Secretary / Special Project Coordinator