MBO Viewing Challenge

MBO launched its viewing challenge in 2014. The original list was proposed and put together by Perry Vlahos as a way to introduce beginning astronomers to the night sky. The challenge is now a regular feature of Young Observer sessions.

How long does the challenge take?

Not all objects are in the sky at the same time so it will take over a year to complete the entire list. It contains a huge variety of objects; artificial satellites, meteor showers, planets, individual stars, constellations and galaxies. Not only will you learn to navigate the heavens, you will discover how large the range of objects and phenomena in the sky really is.

How do I participate?

Any MBO member is eligible to participate. Simply download the Viewing Challenge pdf and get started. As you observe each object in the challenge record your observation in a log book (which can be an exercise book, a ring binder or or an online document). Example log book pages are included in the pdf.

This log book will become your record of all your astronomical observations (challenge related or not). Whenever you make an observation, record the date, time and location here and describe what you saw. The sample log book sheets in the pdf also have space for sketches and descriptions.

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